5 Moves to a successful SEO content strategy

  • October 16, 2015
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Content development is crucial to optimize your online presence so much so that it has the compatibility to pull up your band value significantly, and if you are hitched by reduced traffic, low conversion ratio and bad reputation, a literally solid content marketing strategy can work as a panacea. Quite often content marketers understand the concept ‘content strategy’ well, but they fail massively when it comes to implementing it. To develop a solid content strategy, you need to understand your audience, your working domain, besides you need to have a data-driven approach. With this blog, we cover five essential steps to a successful seo content strategy. Read on, and if you think we have missed on a point, please let us know in the comment section

Do not target one and all. Instead target selective set of targeted audience

The core of your content strategy or the pillar of your content building is your target audience who will read, understand and take a decision based on your content. If you can identify them well, you can develop a solid content strategy. The rule of thumb is to differentiate some from all. Those some constitutes your targeted audience. Write for them, solve their issues and hook their interest – the better you delight them, more they will value you

Choose and work around some core topics that your readers are emotionally attached to

Big brands score well than others only because they can quite well understand what they need to write and which message they should convey. After you are done identifying your audience, you need to create a list of important topics that your readers should read with you. Note that to create an impact; you need to solve their problems by covering important topics that they want to read

Know your search terms – feel the pulse of bots, then readers

This is perhaps the oldest of all tricks and tips. To develop workable seo content strategy, you need to research the keywords, search terms that you want to rank for. Competitive keywords are good, but to start ranking well; target potential keywords that have reduced competition

Do a competitive audit on your industry

There can be different types of standalone audits as far as content marketing is concerned. One being audit of your competition – comparing, understanding, and identifying the potential of your rival brands. The other being audit on your own content library – this includes researching which topics are doing well, which are not, and how to improve the editorial practices etc.

Understand the interest overlap

A solid seo content strategy is all about understanding what you are offering to your audience and what your audiences are interested to learn. If you are specifically devoted to one industry, you should even try to understand what your readers want to read about other industry.

These are some of the core ideas to develop a solid content strategy. The better you do it, better becomes your brand on the Web.

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