Competing with the Big Fish: Online SEO Strategies

  • December 28, 2016
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Competing with the Big Fish: Online SEO Strategies

For small and medium businesses entering the online fray it seems like a daunting prospect to compete with the big players in the market. Today we tell you about something that will help you launch well and give you more of a chance to make your online endeavour successful.

But let’s take a cursory look at what you are competing against;

  1. The big sites have the advantage of Domain Authority
  2. Their link population is significantly higher than yours
  3. As a renowned business, they come with a established trustworthiness in customer’s psyche
  4. They are financially stronger and can (read will) use that to their advantage
  5. Their financial clout also enables them to invest in new fields

Now let’s measure your strengths against the advantages of larger competitors;

  1. Small sites can change their course and approach in significantly smaller time frames, giving you the advantage of experimenting more and thus a higher chance of creating something new and exciting for customers
  2. Creative instinct is rewarded in the case of smaller sites. You are allowed to go beyond established norms.
  3. Having a small website also helps you focus on the essentials unlike large business websites where resources need to be dedicated to all aspects. This gives you an advantage, as you can gain on large businesses by going full steam ahead where you know they lack.
  4. Where large businesses have something for everybody on their plate, often getting distracted or neglecting a particular section of their customer base (knowingly or unknowingly). You can gain on this sluggishness by filling that space with niche service for that customer base.
  5. As a smaller player, your needs to monetise your customer associations are way less than larger online businesses and some prudent management can get you a great small and prospering business.

Here are the ways you can counter the big businesses based on your strengths:

  1. Long-tail Keywords: you can totally utilize the opportunity offered by long-tail keywords since big businesses are mostly reliant on their tried and tested keywords.
  2. Comparative Keywords: Big brands won’t be comparing themselves against their competitors on their own sites, but you can use these comparative keywords to your advantage (e.g. prices of products on Flipkart vs. Amazon and your site).
  3. Generate Niche Authority: As a small brand targeting a customer base different from the bigger brands you can generate niche authority for business by growing your local customer base with great products, services and reviews.
  4. Offer More Value: With the above discussed focused approach you have the opportunity to provide more value to your customer base than the big businesses can do on a regular basis. Building a brand loyalty that goes beyond the lure of big brands.

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