Creating the Best E-commerce Website: Digital Obsession

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Creating the Best E-commerce Website: Digital Obsession

Creating the Best E-commerce Website: Digital Obsession

Launching an e-commerce website, you need to take in a lot of considerations – ranging from the layout, payment gateway integrations to the content which will ultimately help you sell your wares online. In this post we shall take a look at the different aspects of setting up a bang for buck e-commerce website.


The foremost priority of an e-commerce website is to sell, and for that you need to engage a user in an engrossing manner. Sites with best structures do that by instantly telling a user where they are on a site. Once you have a user interested in knowing more, you need to establish the authenticity of your brand or service, and so the about us page, that tells users more about your vision. After that comes the exploration part, a user will now want to know what makes you unique or what is the experience that you have promised feels like in actual. And lastly once that user is on his way to become a customer, setting up how easily can he check-out with his cart items.


This is the part where your brand or service converts a user into a customer. For this you need to set up the product information section. The first impression on a potential customer matters, and visual helps you go a long way in doing that, so the positioning and use of product images and videos should be right, everything important must remain above the fold (first scroll). Once you have made a user pause, comes in the substance – well written and accurate product info, a helpful Q&A and reviews section about your product to help the user in his buying process needs to be set up.

This section also displays and important variable that influences a user’s decision, price. Smart placement of a product’s price (easily visible) and discounts if any, have an immediate effect on a user’s decision to buy.


Once the user decides to buy, your e-commerce website needs to enhance the experience by offering the next level of refinement in the buying process. The customer’s individual needs – size, collar and quantity etc. – should be easily selectable. And the move to check-out should be fairly straightforward, instead of bombarding the customer with a number of landing pages asking them to register & co.

Policy attached to buying a product (returns, taxes etc.) should be clearly stated. It should not be placed before a user at the check-out page, which might prompt a last minute reconsideration.


These are the few SEO essentials which you will need as a part of building the best e-commerce website for your business.

  1. Keywords: Your product keywords should be relevant and clearly match the keywords users are searching for online.
  2. Content: Should be well written and informative, giving users a fair idea of what to expect from the product or service they are buying.
  3. Links: Provide useful links to other pages, such as similar items or people who bought this also bought, to help deepen the level of user engagement on your website.
  4. Advertise: As long as you do not market your e-commerce website properly, the kind of traffic you need to be successful online won’t get generated, therefore, make sure you run online, offline and social media marketing campaigns to let people know of your e-commerce portal.

At Digital Obsession, we are always happy to offer advise and assistance to entrepreneurs looking to move online with their business. Give us a call or book a free consultation through our website if you require any help in setting up your own e-commerce website.

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