Google’s SERP shakeup and the future of organic search results

  • February 26, 2016
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SERP Shakeup – What does the end of right side Ads mean – Panic for organic search marketers or is it a usual non-impacting overhaul?

Google has confirmed that it is on its mark to dramatically change the conventional layout of its SERP; by removing the right-side ads from its page, adding an extra ad on the top fold for highly commercial queries and three text ads at the bottom of their SERP. When done, the SERP will look certainly different – with the paid ads for some specific types of SERP reducing from as many as 11 to seven.

With overhaul being done, there are many confusions among search engine marketers as to how will it impact the organic results. Should SEOs change their strategy? Is PPC gone? Is SEO again going to die? But we believe things as it seem aren’t going to be that grim. Let us tell you why.


The SERP is still populated with 10 organic results

The confusion is justified. Since Google is adding new paid ads into the body of the organic search results, will that in any way limit the number of organic results per page. But the truth is the number of organic results still count to Ten.

So, if you are focusing on content and have properly done your SEO part, nothing need to be worried about. You will keep on ranking within those 10, if you are worth.

One fewer organic result now placed at the top fold

Since highly commercial queries will be placed at the top, other than the usual search interactive features, it might cause the organic search results to push down a little bit. With four ads above the fold, the organic results might get a push down.

A modified user behavior?

The removal of right side ads will cause some changes. The page will look certainly barren, but Google has been very tricky about it. The focus will be back on SERP, with the top fold ads being clicked more. Usually people knew that the right side results are ads and they used to ignore those. But now being diverted to solely the body of the page, they are more likely to click the ads.

Mobile SEO is the new king

One of the main reasons why Google has brought the overhaul is to bring unified user experience to its users. The removal ads on right side means the desktop viewers will get the same viewing pattern they as they do on hand-held devices.

What’s the takeaway from the overhaul

Mobile seo has become more important than before

PPC experts need to be more intelligent

E commerce SEO has become tougher – No more images at the right side showing latest images and discounts

Long tail optimization will get rewarded

Things however need to be seen – as things unfold; we need to see how the SERP overhaul changes. Meanwhile, it is a fact that SEO is certainly going to be a little different now.

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