Keypoints on How to Choose a Good SEO Agency

  • May 27, 2016
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Keypoints on How to Choose a Good SEO Agency

Search engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique by which ranking and visibility of a website improves. Higher the ranking and better the visibility, the more visits will be received by the website from the search Engine users. Thus, S.E.O has become a major tool in improving the profitability and revenue for a website.

Types of SEO Providers:

  1. SEO consultants: they are freelancers who individually work for different SEO companies.
  2. SEOCompanies/ Agencies: They have a team of SEO consultants and offer their services to the firms /individuals, who are looking for ways to improve their business rankings on SERP.
  3. In -House SEO: Generally the upcoming or large business firms hire an in-house S.E.O team that is well equipped to handle the growing business needs. The hiring process is taken care by the firm itself.

 Some of the services provided by the SEO agencies or consultants are:

  1. Revision of client’s website and its content.
  2. Content marketing: Articles should be informative and well written. They should be aimed at the specific audiences-potential customers.
  3. Technical recommendations: It consists of hosting, error pages, java scripts and all sorts of website development techniques.

Now the question arises: how to choose the SEO Company that is right for your business?

Background Check:

Ask for the referrals from the SEO firm you plan to hire and speak with few of them. The communication with the references will help you to assess the credibility, work ethics and commitment of the SEO services agency.


the company that you hire should improve your firm’s profitability and help generate revenue. The SEO company should update you on regular basis about the techniques it plan to implement or are implementing. You should be well informed about its tracking process that will help to determine your return of Investment. Tracking process consists of monitoring e-mail requests, newsletter sign ups, telephone calls or any kind of correspondence made to the business firm by potential customers.

Google Best Practices:

Google publishes few hundreds algorithm every year. If a firm violates one of these algorithms, it is heavily penalized by the Google and this results in a heavy blow to the website traffic.

Contract Terms and Conditions:

The SEO companies/consultantsare hired for a specific time period. If you wish to terminate the agency’sservices before the contract period,whatever the reason may be,you should be informedabout the early termination fee mentioned in the contract. Get the clause removed if you both agree to do so.

False Promises:

False Promises from SEO Agency

False Promises

When a SEO company guarantees you that your website will rank no 1 position in the search engine for a specific time period, this should be enough reason to raise a red flag. Following reasons help to explain why:

  1. Google has well-guarded its Algorithm till date and nobody knows the exact algorithm.
  2. Google Algorithm changes frequently: Google makes about 500 algorithm changes every year,i.e. once every day on average. No one can predict these changes as these changes are so frequent and unpredictable. The SEO agencies can considerably increase the traffic to your website but can never ensure a specific ranking due to ever-changing web world.

Google Algorithm Updates

As we know Google bring out few hundred changes to its algorithm every years. Some of these change have a higher impact while some have lesser impact on the website traffic. The SEO company that you plan to hire should be upto date with all the latest algorithm changes that have the potential to hit the traffic hardest.

Follow the above points and they will definitely help you to make a smart choice when hiring the SEO agency for your business.

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