Link Outreach Campaign – A Simple Way to Boost your Business with

  • June 27, 2017
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Link Outreach Campaign - A Simple Way to Boost your Business with

Link Outreach Campaign : Is your business not gaining potential reach? Aren’t you getting the exposure you need? Can’t you contact budding influencers who can help you in earning your brand reputation? If so, you don’t need to worry at all. Except SEO strategies and daily social media feed, consider a link outreach campaign to boost your brand awareness and get in touch with influencers and clients. Outreach is an art of getting exposure.

But, success can only reach when you reach your customers with quality and freshstuff. Whether it’s a piece of animation,email marketing strategies,ad campaign ideas, writing materials, SEO & SMO plans, creating videos or infographic, accuracy and relevancy should be there.

Outreach campaign fails when you only perform surface-level research. Effective outreach is carried by doing a deep research, understanding proper industry terms, relationship-building skills, and a basic understanding of SEO. To form the relationships you want, customize each outreach campaign.

Listed below are essential tips for conducting comprehensive outreach research that creates a foundation for ongoing, strong relationships.

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Industry Terms & Keywords

Industry Terms & Keywords

Industry Terms & Keywords

Compile a list of industry terms. And begin your research to extend your contacts. Understand business interests and needs. Once you learn about it, research for influencers who match your brand personality. Offer them valuable information through your content, including but not limited to:

  1. Let them know your unique expertise and how you can help through live blogging, article submissions, questions & answers sessions, and interviews, etc.
  2. To appeal to your target clients, dig deep and understand their interests & research and offer an information page that complements their requirements.

To initiate a relationship, promise them of supplementary assistance. Present the assets you can back other than content

Stay Connected

Stay closely connected. Building potential connections is not easy, though. You need to find the right people to make the right connections. Some marketers fail because they believe in Google search, Facebook Likes or Twitter followers. They want more likes, more coverage and more traffic. What they miss is building endless relations. The likes or followers don’t stay forever. What stays endlessly are the relationships you create. Start your search with the actual data from your or your competitors’website.

Know about your competitors’ backlinks. Take advantage from SEO professionals. Dig through your competitors’ backlinks and mentions. Since you have similar audiences, use these sources to make a list of customers or clients to contact.

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Strategy Built Up

When conducting a link outreach campaign, create a strategy. Understand when and how to target your potential customers. Time plays a great role in the process. Schedule your emails at the optimum time for receiving more and effective responses.

  1. Schedule initial messages, replies, and follow up emails.
  2. Breakfast and lunch hours are perfect time to connect people.
  3. Connect on mid-weekdays. Tuesday and Wednesday can be fine.
  4. Try to know their recent interests andunderstand the requirements.
  5. Create a message with a personal touch.
  6. Adopt the persuasive writing style. It should be ‘requests’ not ‘demands’.
  7. Never tell anyone to do something.
  8. Keep the lines of communication open with friendly questions.

Avoid reaching out your influencersbased on their numbers or ‘cool’ quotient.  Ensure they match your brand ethics. Invest time in identifying the right influencers to represent you brand and improve the visibility.

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To take an example, if you are launching a new stylish leather jacket, your influencers should be in the realm of fashion industry. This ensures maximum return on your marketing efforts.


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