5 Facts to Know About Professional SEO Services

  • December 29, 2015
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SEO is a team work engaging different departments of the company – If you are trying to employ a professional SEO services company that is a one man show who does the auditing, the optimization, the linking,  the articles, the research, the social media, the web changes, monitors the analytics, does the billing,  and everything else, you will soon come to realize that it is impossible and more often you will be lost amongst the many clients of the company. This way you will lose both money and time.

  1. Ease of Contact and Accessibility– The professional SEO services company you hire should employ a project manager who tracks all the needs of your company’s website(s) and follows the reports. This person needs to be able to bring in the experts needed at a given time and always be available on phone. If your SEO expert says he is only available by e-mail that is a big red flag and you should start to look for another more competitive SEO firm.
  2. Professional SEO Services Require Ongoing Efforts to Help Optimize the Website– Professional SEO services require ongoing efforts and good amount of time before it shows favorable results(high ranking in search engine results page). The Organic SEO services company must be able to train their staff with the most successful methods both off page and on page optimization and latest algorithms employed by search engines. The Professional SEO services company needs to have the ability to test different search engine algorithms to detect changes in SERPS. They also need to collaborate different departments for maintaining optimization and providing news articles and suggestions.
  3. White Hat Practices– It is highly recommended to avoid all black hat optimization processes and employ only white hat SEO practices. The company you hire needs to adopt a plan that ensures white hat activity to perform link building (relevant and high quality back links). They should also update the content on an ongoing basis.
  4. Affordable is not Cheap– Most of the business owners in the market want to save moolahs at the same time rank higher in search engines by hiring cheap SEO services company. Remember there is nothing called ‘Low Cost SEO services’. An organic SEO services company offering low priced services will have to cut back on many costs and as a result quality of their work will most likely be compromised. So, always keep a one hand hand distance from such companies.
  5. There is ‘No Guarantee’ for No.1 Ranking-  There are numerous factors that affect page rankings, most of these factors are out of human control. No company can guarantee no 1 ranking on any keyword especially within a few days. A good SEO company may be able to get first page ranking and may be with time manage to get the number 1 slot for your target keywords. However, it is a time consuming process and demands proper understanding of best SEO  practices.

So, always keep in mind the above mentioned facts about professional SEO services.

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