Search Engine Marketing – All your need to know!

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Generally referred to as SEM, search engine marketing is an internet marketing solution which

is deployed by website managers to increase the visibility in SERPs (search engine results

pages). SEM operates under a paid advertising model but it also makes use of the more

common practice of SEO i.e. search engine optimization, which is generally used to increase

the organic or non-paid search results of a website by manipulating its content and structure to

have an effect on search indexing of a website.

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing share the lion’s share of search engine traffic and have

their respective SEM tools, namely, Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Bing Ads.

A lot of people consider SEM to be a paid version of SEO, which is not true. This flawed

definition is usually pitched by commercial advertisers to protect their vested interests. Where

the SEO is purely dependent on the content and web language optimization, SEM provides a

comprehensive platform which takes both paid and organic keywords in account while also

keeping tabs on pay per click ads and their performance, timely analysis to wean out non-

performing keywords, and constantly updating articles to keep the website info relevant.

The SEM managers contend that having quality content on your website is not enough in itself.

There should be a cohesive approach to displaying that content. Thus importance should be

placed on template design and webpage layout to increase the visibility of a product or service

reflecting the search keywords. It is only then that a paid inclusion in SERPs becomes beneficial

for advertisers. Paid inclusions also helps firms determine the relevance of keywords in a

shorter period of time than the traditional SEO, which may take up weeks to turn up tangible

analytics data, and set crawl schedules for webpages which are frequently modified or display

dynamic content.

Search engine marketing also started incorporating SMM or social media marketing since the

advent of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. This is yet another platform which has seen

exponential levels of growth in recent years and has become a major source of traffic for

advertisers via backlinks and share features available on these websites.

The elephant in the rooms of course is Google, which is the most used search engine in the

world today. Most SEM companies focus their strategies on increasing website visibility in

Google’s SERPs. If you are new to the online marketing scene it is also your best bet to get

some brand recognition. Google Adwords is a tool which helps immensely in delivering search

advertisements based on user interest in a particular product or service. It follows a cost per

click pricing model, which means you only pay if a user clicks on your advertisement. Proper

deployment of this tool by your SEM company can increase traffic on your website immensely in

a matter of months.

Concluding the discussion, SEM is a way to improve not only your website’s visibility but also

the platform to establish an online brand identity by giving a user fast access to the keyword

relevant product or service. This in turn can help build customer loyalty and brand stickiness.

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