10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Search Engine Marketing

  • November 20, 2015
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Everyone knows but may not agree with the old adage “Keep your friends close but your enemy closer”. In this world of competitive marketplace, your competitors can definitely teach you a lot, particularly in the field of Search Engine Marketing. In fact, they can even prove to be your greatest teachers on how to make a marketing campaign hit. Here are 10 things your competitors cum mentors can teach you about marketing your products and services online.

  1. Define an Effective Strategy

The first step towards search engine marketing is to chalk out a coherent strategy. Start with identifying your target audience(s), their needs and highlighting how your products can serve these needs. Secondly, identify who your actual competitors are and your company’s competitive advantage. Finally, to measure the success of your search engine marketing campaign, identify specific goals and benchmarks such as search rankings, Website traffic increases and other ROI metrics.

  1. Right Keyword Selection

One of the pillars of online marketing is keyword research. It is vital to analyze what keywords your competitors are using and step by step expand the list of highly searched terms using Google Adword Tool. Target keywords that are specific to your ad campaign to drive maximum traffic to your Website.

  1. Call to Action

A professional and user friendly landing page with a call to action tab is a MUST HAVE. The landing page should be easy and compelling to your users, they should know what the next step is needed to take.

  1. Quality + Content

‘Content is the King’ so always try to provide readable and engaging text on your website. Save your time by looking at what your competitors are writing about and who they’re targeting. Bogish content is a big NO. Instead write content specifically for your intended users to drive more traffic to your website.

  1. Relevant Ad Copy

A relevant ad copy always drives more traffic and increases sales. Make sure your ad copy matches with what you are selling and what people are searching on web. Try to make ad copy more creative as well as keep experimenting with keywords to improve its click through rate.

  1. Get Your Site Indexed by the Top Three

To attain online visibility, you must make sure that all pages on your Website are crawled and indexed by major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Live Search.

  1. Attract Quality Links to Your Website

Link building is an exercise that involves gaining links to your website from other websites that are frequently visited by your targeted visitors. More quality and relevant links you have, the higher your website’s will be ranked on search engines. By consistently applying these link building strategies, you can dramatically improve your online reputation..

  1. Utilize Social Network to the Fullest

Social media is one of the most important SEO tool to give your brand visibility if used properly.  Look at how your competitors are interacting with their users. There are million different ways in which you can interact with everyone logged into the internet everyday.

  1. Think Email is Dead? Think Again

Never ignore email marketing as it has a great potential to drive a huge amount of traffic towards your website. Want people to know about you? Widen your reach and let them know you better through emails.

  1. Measure Success

To measure success of marketing campaigns, you need to monitor your marketing activities to see how well you performed in the past, as well as work out actionable strategies to improve your results in the future.

Fame can’t be achieved in one night, hard work and persistent efforts can are required for any brand to gain visibility.  Implement these strategies and see the difference in your SEM campaigns.

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