SEO Myths That are Going Viral on Internet

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SEO Myths That are Going Viral on Internet

As many tongues as money words, that’s the scene for SEO space nowadays. SEO myths are a commonplace thing in today’s online world, but as we move from update to update of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo’s search algorithms, may be it is time to leave behind these ever circulating myths about SEO. Here are a few of them which fit the definition of “going viral” on the internet.

1: SEO is dead and gone

The most common and often heard phrase, so much so that it has become Urban Legend of sorts. If you firmly believe in this one, probably you should stop reading this article now, because everything else we have to say relates to SEO being alive. In any case, if you trust us, then remember SEO is not dead and it is not going to be so in the foreseeable future.

2: Keywords, keywords and keywords is all you need to set your SEO right

Well, that bird has flown a long time ago. The time search engine providers almost entirely relied on keywords is long gone. These days it is increasingly about content, utility and value of your service for the online consumers that matters the most. The rollout of Google’s RankBrain further solidifies our claims that search engine providers are now focusing on the relevance and utility of your webpages rather on keywords stuffed content that claims to serve “Grandma’s original meatballs recipes”.

3: You are number one or you are nothing

A misconception that often frays a business and its SEO partners’ relations is “not ranking first”. Well we are telling you it is not such a big deal, SEO is not about ranking first but rather about increasing your online traffic and generating more revenues. For example: you gain little from a number one ranking if the value offered by your content isn’t realised by your product or service on ground.

4: Having more webpages on your website increases your ranking

A totally false assumption, as noted earlier in this post, the search engines are looking for quality and not quantity. So having a few property optimised pages on your website is way better than having a ton of poorly laid out webpages with abysmal content.

5: Image optimization is not important

Seeing that from it’s initial days to today, Google and its compatriot search engine providers now have a dedicated image search section, the above assumption is totally false. Google is increasingly leaning towards websites with quality text and images, and a precondition is that these websites should load faster and have a responsive UI. This is not possible without having properly renamed images (and alt text) with modern compression applied to them to look better and load faster (especially on mobile platforms).

6: You can do without mobile SEO

Probably the most ridiculous of them all after the SEO is dead claims. Over half of the internet traffic is generated through portable and mobile computing devices such as smartphones and tablets. In this situation having a website that does not work well on these platforms is nothing less than criminal. Anybody telling you that mobile SEO is just a gimmick is “not your friend” and might as well be a competitor.

7: Local SEO is not for everyone

Well, we have a rhetorical question here, who is it for then? Essentially local SEO connects you with audience in your locality and near abroad, so common sense dictates that it is good for your business. If your business is not gaining enough traction with local SEO deployment, the flaw is probably in your SEO strategy rather than in the concept itself. Sitting down with your SEO strategist might be a good idea in such scenarios, or perhaps with a new SEO partner.

These are some of the popular myths on the internet about SEO strategies being bogus. If you are looking for honest SEO advise for your business, visit our website at and request a free consultation today.

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