Simple SEO Techniques to Increase Your Sites SEO Rankings on Google

  • November 19, 2015
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n today’s age, with impressive keyword relevancy and a continuously improving search algorithm, Google is the most preferred search engine. How a page is ranked on Google is still a well kept trade secret, although there are hundreds of factors that determine website’s quality score. To rank higher and gain online visibility, optimizing your website is the utmost requirement. Here are few SEO techniques that you can implement and watch the position of your site rise in the search engine results on Google.

  1. Keywords:

Keywords are one of the most important factor in determining how a website will rank on google. No SEO campaign can be designed without keyword research as it gives you an idea about how people are searching for your products or services. Analyze which keywords are driving major traffic to your website and incorporate them in your website content. Avoid keywords stuffing else it will amount to ‘keyword spamming’.

  1. Content:

Good content is the number one driver of your search engine rankings and mind you there is no substitute for it. Just like users, Google wants the best and relevant search results. Website that provide readable, useful and engaging text will always be preferred. If you believe that robotically written articles, artificially filled with keywords will boost your website’s Google rank then you are wrong. Create content specifically for your intended users to increase site traffic and improve site’s authority and relevance.

  1. Social Media:

In recent years, Social Media has emerged as a media powerhouse. If you have a blog or website, don’t forget to use this excellent SEO tool to promote your content. If more people will like, share and comment on your posts, higher your website will rank on Google. Due to this reason social media has become an important platform for businesses to attract more traffic to their websites & generate business leads.

  1. Title, Meta-Tags, Meta-Description, Images:

One of the most important SEO technique is On-Page optimization. Its major components include:

Title Tag– Always use a proper and relevant title for every page of your website.

Meta Tags–  Your description should clearly state content of your webpage, and must be engaging enough to certain user click-through.

‘Alt text’ for Images- It is easy for search engines to understand page text, images are difficult to read.  So, don’t forget to use alternate text for images.

  1. Link Building

Link building is an important exercises to improve the credibility of the website. Quality and relevant links will help your website to achieve higher ranking and drive more traffic to your site.

Why are you waiting? Just implement the above mentioned techniques right away to improve your sites SEO rankings on Google.


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