The SEO space is mired with myriad myths and speculations that often lead to confusion among website owners and SEO handling agencies alike. Today we are taking a look at the six most common Citation Building Myths prevalent in the local SEO scene. Number One – Suite numbers are of paramount importance to local SEO […]

A huge amount of time is spent by SEO strategists and marketeers trying to get the better of Google’s search algorithms and getting it to acknowledge the efforts put by them in optimising a website. Google has been forever trying to bring in a more conversational attribute in its search process and machine learning tools […]

Online businesses are increasingly coming to realise that to make better SEO strategies and to maximise the profits you garner through online marketing you will need to connect audience insights with your SEO strategies. The foremost reason for this approach is because if the need to understand the importance of a customer’s demands. This is […]

It can prove tricky to decide upon the exact spends you are going to make on your SEO and PPC activities online. In an online space dominated by a thousand different enterprises vying for prominence in search results and generating more revenue from paid marketing – one size does not fit all. Your business needs […]

Smarter businessmen always keep up with the times to maintain the leadership and authority in their spheres of operation. To do so, they require the essential tools — in today’s scenario, where all things are moving online, SEO is the most potent tool for promoting your business and reaching out to your customers. But if […]

Today we are going to discuss the advantages a well maintained blog lends to your local SEO and online business growth. There are numerous ways a blog can help you grow your online traffic, here are a few — Keep your website fresh with new infusions of content to keep the Google bots interested in […]

Small business owners conduct a large part of their business within their local periphery. Their chances of working on distant projects is slimmed down by the fact that every community has a set of these local enterprises which are trusted brands in their own right in these localities. Since the switch to online — local […]

The startup culture is in its boom years at present. The young crop of entrepreneurs is experimenting with anything and everything which has led to inspiring like minded people at a community level. People are trying to emulate the success of major startup companies by implementing similar or improved ideas in their local settings. But […]

Local businesses have seen a drastic change in the way they are being operated, nowadays you need a consistent effort in your business in order to get the success which was more dependent on community and market availability in earlier times. The opening up of online market-space has reduced the traction local businesses got by […]

If your ecommerce website is getting fewer visits, then it is relative to assume that your sales are also not as high as they can be. Digital Obsession has been active in online marketing for quite some time now and we have a considerable amount of talent floating about in our office. For this post, […]