Uncover Hidden Potential in Your SEO Strategies

  • December 7, 2016
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Uncover Hidden Potential in Your SEO Strategies

Once you have set up your paid marketing campaigns according to your business needs. Paid an SEO agency for setting up the SEO with target keyword bids, URL structure and relevant ad copies. You start asking yourself the “what next?” question quite frequently, because everyone wants to eke out that extra bang for their buck in business and marketing.

But sometimes the results of an SEO optimisation may fall short of expectations, this is caused by certain degrading factors that directly affect your paid search marketing. If you are losing business in a previously well performing product or service category, it means your paid search is being affected by one or more of the aforementioned degrading factors. Finding and fixing the problem will lead your business in the affected category to rise again.

To find out where your paid search is going wrong you can use search queries to isolate the instances of failure and rectify them. Search queries help you by providing a common base for evaluating Google shopping, organic traffic and searches done on your website.

To begin with you will need relevant data for comparison and analysis. You can start pulling this data through search queries reported by AdWords, organic queries you received via Google Analytics and through keywords performance on your website, which can be extracted from the analytics system used by you.

Once you have the data, you will need to categorise it in similar ways the e-commerce websites for SEO and portals do. By breaking down your product or service in sub categories that define its type, use and material component etc. This is an exercise which will differ from business to business and industry to industry.

In the next step you will need to further micro examine your selection by breaking down your data into smaller units within one of the previously defined ambits. For example if you were using sun-glasses as a variable, you will have to break down your analysis into aviators, brow-line, retro square etc.

While we have simplified the scenario in this example for the sake of explaining better, in actuality the process can be very time consuming depending upon the type of business you are operating. So we recommend that you select the top 5 to 7 subcategories for your selection. It will considerably reduce your hassle.

SEO data analysis

With your data analysis you will be able to pin point the factors that are under performing and can now take steps to calibrate your paid search strategies accordingly. You may discover a few common factors among the reasons your paid search is under performing, such as

  1. Missing important keywords
  2. Your bids for certain keywords are too low (sometimes your bid management tools might be responsible for this)
  3. Ad copies you are using are not adequate
  4. Links are broken

One downside of this whole exercise is that the process is a time consuming one and requires concentrated efforts to weed out the degrading factors assailing your paid search campaign. But once you have done what is necessary the results are always going to be rewarding.

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