What Will SEO Company Be Like in 10 Years?

  • January 4, 2016
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In a span of 10 years the field of local SEO services is in for great transformation. Search Engine Optimization will transform from a game of link popularity and link building tactics to a delivery of high quality and relevant content . The idea of creating content will cease to be enough and the search engines will  need ways to determine if your content is valuable employing artificial intelligence techniques. Here we mention some of the changes we see to be driving the Local SEO industry in future.

  1. Growth in Mobile Searches – With increasing number of mobile devices being connected to the internet each day, more mobile based search is happening. This growth in mobile traffic has already started to drive the UI of the SERPS. Mobile search volume on google has already exceeded the desktop search volume and is growing rapidly. As a result of mobile search volumes, we have seen removal of author photos, reduction of video snippets, and the changes made with Pigeon algorithm rolled in July 2014. This is all being driven by the growth of mobile searches and it will continue to grow at much faster rates.
  2. App SEO and Voice Search – As time progresses more and more apps will get indexed and app SEO is bound to become the major area of focus . Companies like apple and Google have invested significantly in moving towards voice search and developing technologies in the same related field to AI. The team of local SEO company will need to train their members or SEO practitioners who are going to need a whole new set of skills when the transition to voice search happens. The rapid expansion of mobile search will lead to more nontraditional SEO. With the shifting of searches (from traditional typing of query onto a keyboard to mobile searches ), more search will be embedded within apps and will shift in a significant way to natural language voice search.
  3. New SEO Verticals– With the advent of artificial intelligence and the same being integrated into the search results of search engines, new SEO verticals are to be generated.
  4. Breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence – Advancements in AI will offer local search engine company a chance to take advantage of numerous  channels like social networking sites (Facebook ), video-sharing sites (YouTube) and slide presentation platforms(Scribd). Voice search and natural language search will continue to expand rapidly.
  5. Reduction in Spam Sites – In the future we will see a huge decrease in websites that use spam link generation techniques and false link redirects . This will in turn provide a safer, less cluttered web. Google has already employed its new pigeon algorithm to keep in check the rise of spammy link generation of websites.
  6. Negative SEO – Search engines like Google will be forced to deal with Negative SEO. With the scaling in the growth of spam or low quality sites , search engines will have to look on for far better measures to keep spam in check.
  7. Tracking Capabilities – With search engines companies working on to perfect their AI and becoming more intelligent, tracking capabilities will soon follow . It will become more difficult to stay hidden online with the implementation of “super cookies” like the ones Verizon, AT&T and Facebook have recently released .
  8. User Intent – In order to be WINNING in the SERPs, local SEO company will require deep insights into user intent. With time, search will move towards being more personalized and user influenced. Local SEO company will have to ensure focusing  on the end user and try to come with ways to determine their intent at the time of the search. Local SEO services will be focused on delivering relevant and quality content.

After looking at the trends we can be assure that in the coming years SEO will grow in many different areas and more companies will be developing in-house SEO departments to tackle the demands of Local SEO industry.


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